Medical IT Solution

The foundation of any successful medical practice is dependent on the implementation of a comprehensive medical IT solution.

Medical IT Solutions is all about dealing with the constant progression of digital technology in the health industry.

We, at Erlamed, offer medical IT solutions for practices and hospitals including helpdesk support, HER, EPM, HIS, SSAE, Lab/radiology system interface design and support, virus protection and removal, and more.

We will provide you medical IT consultancy and will take over your tasks with medical IT solutions which are 100% custom built for your needs. If you planned to migrate to the cloud platform, you could count on us to provide you with cost-effective cloud services and onsite computer support you need to make that shift as smooth as possible.

While your data is precious, you need a professional data backup structure to keep your data and system in the safe side in a case that a network or system failure occurs.

Please contact us if you need further information. Our experienced consultants will contact you and help to evaluate your current infrastructure and offer a solution matched to your objectives. We will support you to build your comprehensive IT strategy to meet your practice goals with the most efficient technology solutions.


Health Tourism

Health Tourism is all about traveling abroad for the treatment, therapy or enhancement of an individual’s wellbeing in mind and body.

We at Erlamed, present the Health Tourism within Europe to receive medical treatments and for recovery and rehabilitation as part of social tourism focusing on cares that enhance the wellbeing of a person.

Our services include all the services associated with tourism like visa, transport, accommodation, and hospitality.

We provide you high quality of care with ethical standards and quick access to specialists with excellent cost-to-quality ratio.

Planning and organizing a trip to receive treatment can be demanding and confusing since you need to arrange the appointments and other procedures by yourself.

No worries if you are familiar with foreign languages and cultures.

We will offer you the best comprehensive health, wellness, and medical treatment while you can save time and headaches before your medical journey.

3rd Companies Products Distribution

We at Erlamed, distribute medical products and types of equipment from selected companies all around the world to MENA region. If you are a manufacturer or a supplier who want to enter new markets, we can be your outsourcing partner for the distribution of your products to the mentioned region.

We present and distribute your products to the local suppliers and companies and even to the end users. We design a distribution path, a distribution chain and a distribution channel to bring your products to the new market for the unique customer.

Our business mostly focuses on B2B, and we will work with our strategic partners to find a unique position in the market and sell the products through a geographical network of dealers and suppliers.

We believe in new business opportunities, and the scope of our interest is continually expanding to other regions to push the product closer to our customer.

Company Erlamed GmbH is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) company to its partners as we offer their products bundling with the services or even other complementary products. We work with our partners to find out the right products and configurations, and later to implement a solution which includes the offered products.


Purchasing Process Consulting

Purchasing products and services are the most crucial part of every business decision-making workflow. In international business, purchasing sometimes faces non-common challenges, and since the ordering process is somehow multifaceted, getting support is necessary in order to keep the company’s competitiveness.

Your preferences, new and disruptive technologies plus political and economic crises affect your purchasing criteria. However, we support you to surmount these challenges and to ensure comprehensive supply security and make a well-organized global supplier network.

Our goal at Erlamed is to enhance your purchasing performance and to make waste-free value chains in addition to the costs reduction. We support your purchasing team as we leverage hidden potential in purchasing by integrating suppliers and partners who are involved in the purchasing process. While having our support, you can reduce the purchasing cost and eventually increase the ROI.

We support you in establishing well-functioning purchase processes, analysis the international procurement market, designing strategic and operational purchasing processes, train and qualifies the procurement employees, and collaborative cooperation with other suppliers.


Supplier and Buyer Identification

There is a wide range of factors for selecting a supplier such as reputation, value for money, quality, reliability, and financial situation. However, how to weigh up these factors are also very important and affects the company strategy and success. Selecting the right partner can turn into long-term beneficial relationships in fact that companies consider collaboration with suppliers as a way to improve their performance in multiple areas.

Although the nature of the buyer and supplier relationship can vary because of the power position of buyers and suppliers, trust is still the foundation of a strong correlation between buyer and supplier while it affects the supplier performance and consequently the organizational performance.

We, at Erlamed, support you to find out the best partner for the future work and define your strategy for efficient and effective purchasing as in the international business, choosing the right partner involves much more than scanning a series of the offered price lists.

Choosing the right partner leads to cost saving, being innovative, and increasing the efficiency respectively. We help you make the best choice and reach the best business partner since the collaborative supplier-buyer relationship is the source of competitive advantage for many firms. Our goal is to convert the relationship between buyer and suppliers from a transactional to a relationship orientation.


International Import and Export

Through developing partners and connections in global markets, we have the chance to identify opportunities and mobilize medical products into the new markets. Assistance with the preparation of necessary export documents as well as the implementation of customs clearance is part of our central service portfolio.

We at Erlamed support you in the complex process of importing and exporting medical products worldwide. We take the time to investigate your situation before we propose a solution. We offer you an exclusive and comprehensive service to deliver your products.

We offer to help you to apply for customs compliance and approvals (such as BAFA or OFAC), collect and present complete customs documentation to optimize your purchase and maximize your return on investment. By offering these services, we want to change the potential obstacles to the opportunities by providing your business with a unique combination of services in national and international trade.

Our consulting arm supports you to navigate the latest regulations, minimizes paperwork, and expedites transit as exporting and importing healthcare products keeps getting more complicated due to growing variance in classifications and regulations. We aim to assist your business to be compliant with regulations and to avoid costly obstacles in your supply chain.